Other Models

The Advanced Trainer

The PC-9 M has established itself as a leader among turboprop trainers, offering superior training value for air forces around the world. The PC-9 M is docile enough for a beginner, but with sufficient power available for the more demanding basic and advanced phases of training.


Using a modern cockpit environment, the PC-9 M has become highly regarded by flying instructors as an aircraft with high performance, high energy, and agile handling, making it an ideal training platform for a wide range of training syllabi in use today.


Pilatus has continually upgraded the PC-9 M to improve its operation, while maintaining low lifecycle and acquisition costs. Optimised power mapping and a trim aid device result in outstanding airborne handling. 


The introduction of large primary and secondary active-matrix liquid crystal displays has transformed the PC-9 M into a true “glass cockpit” aircraft. 


The aircraft can also be equipped with a Head Up Display and Video Recording Sys- tem, which enable the operator to expose students to today’s fighter technology at a very early stage of their training. 

As a manufacturer with a long history of assisting air forces to train their front line pilots, Pilatus develops completely integrated training systems. The PC-9 M package includes extensive synthetic training devices, computer-based training, and classroom instruction, which is a proven turnkey solution for today’s pilot training needs. 


Training Roles

  • Ab Initio Training
  • Basic Flying Training
  • Advanced Flying Training



Over 260 aircraft (PC-9 & PC-9 M) have been sold to 15 air forces around the world.