Search & Rescue 

When Time is the Most Important Factor 

The PC-12 NG may also be configured with a multipurpose utility/drop door. This extra door, which can be opened in flight, is integrated within the large cargo door. It gives the PC-12 NG a unique advantage across a wide range of missions: the smaller door allows dropping of e.g. food and aid supplies, or deplaning of skydivers. During this operation the PC-12 NG descends to a height at which there is no need for cabin pressure and the door can be opened. 

Once the mission is complete, the PC-12 NG climbs back to its cruising altitude. Multiple interior seating configurations allow maximum mission flexibilty. The combi-version with four seats, for example, offers generous stowage space for aid supplies or auxiliary equipment. The utility/drop door option is offered at USD $350,000 in exchange for the standard PC-12 NG cargo door.