When it Comes to Safety, There Is no Compromise

Safety comes first at Pilatus, always. Hundreds of passengers and pilots use Pilatus aircraft on a daily basis. Happy to place their confidence in products, to get them to their destination in safety. The Pilatus name reflects values such as dependability, Swiss quality and performance. Over and above these qualities, safety will always have top priority at Pilatus. And the fact is: optimum safety can only be achieved with products of exceptional quality.


The requirements met by Pilatus employees and products are documented by industry-specific certificates and awards, including EN/AS 9100, the highest certification for an international aircraft manufacturing outfit. It covers quality management systems in the aviation industry, and is an extension to the ISO 9001 certification already acquired by Pilatus.  

Hand in hand with first-class quality and adherence to deadlines, these certificates ensure Pilatus enjoys an excellent reputation. You can be sure that leading aviatics suppliers such as Airbus and Eurocopter do not choose Pilatus as a parts supplier by chance.


Whilst Pilatus is naturally proud of these certificates, and of the confidence accorded by other industry players, recognition is not the driving force behind the company efforts.


The goal is to help ensure the continuation of a national heritage - a concept for success which has become familiar around the world as “Swiss Made”, signifying cutting-edge technology combined with precision craftsmanship.


And whereas the “Swiss Made” label is nice to have on a watch, it becomes a must-have in the world of air transport safety.