Service center

The Pilatus authorized service center operates at the airport Dobrograd 250 km away from Moscow (Vladimir region). The opening of such service center in Russia reduces all maintenance costs and time for clients in Russia and CIS.
The wide range of tools and equipment inventory, as well as highly trained engineers who completed their training at the Pilatus Aviation Training Center in Stans, Switzerland allow to perform:
  • Virtually the entire range of routine and unscheduled maintenance work
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Warranty repair on new Pilatus aircraft
  • Continuing airworthiness services (CAMO services)
The service center allows to provide line and base maintenance for all PC-12 and other Pilatus aircraft in the future.
Service center GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude): 56.2251, 41.3062
Dobrograd 133, 250 МГц
At Dobrograd airport several kinds of fuel are always awailable: 100 LL, ТС1, gasoline 95.