About Pilatus Aircraft

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd was born in Switzerland in the land of snowy mountains. Founded in1939 in Stans, it is the only Swiss company that develops, produces and sells aircraft around the world. The headquarters in Stans accommodates more than 2100 employees. The company’s geographic reach is well beyond Switzerland – there are two independent subsidiaries in USA and Australia, and a new subsidiary in China.

Every year Pilatus Aircraft produces over 120 aircraft, one of the milestones was reached in 2018 when the 1600th PC-12 was produced since its entry into service. It is the best-seller among turboprops and is operated in 57 countries.

In 2016 the company’s revenue figures surpassed a staggering 1.1 billion Swiss francs. By the end of 2017 Pilatus Aircraft newest development, PC-24 – first business jet that can operate from short, unpaved runways, simultaneously received EASA and FAA certificates.

About Nesterov Aviation

Nesterov Aviation was founded in 2014 and is the only authorized Pilatus aircraft sales and service centre in Russia.

The main activity of the company is sales of new and preowned Pilatus PC-12, PC-24, PC-6 Porter aircraft. As well as providing maintenance services at an authorized Pilatus service center in Dobrograd (Vladimir region). The wide range of tools and equipment inventory, as well as highly trained engineers, who completed their training at the Pilatus Aviation Training Centre in Stans, Switzerland allow to perform virtually the entire range of routine and unscheduled maintenance work and much more.

The presence of an authorized Pilatus sales and service centre with a team of professionals make it possible to provide comprehensive services: from initial consulting and sales to maintenance and repair services, as well as supplying of spare parts for Pilatus aircraft lines.

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