1 апреля 2019

Nesterov Aviation is named the official Pilatus PC-24 dealer in Russia

Nesterov Aviation is officially named a dealer of Swiss Super Versatile Jet РС-24.

"Nesterov Aviation has been successfully representing Pilatus brand on the Russian market for several years, being the only authorized Pilatus sales and service centre in Russia. Obtaining the PC-24 dealership for us was merely a question of time, and we are excited to present a brand new and truly super versatile business jet to the Russian audience. We believe in this jet as much as in РС-12" - comments Mikhail Alenkin, Managing partner at Nesterov Aviation.

РС-24 is the first and only business jet in the world that can use short, unpaved runways, at the end of 2017 it was simultaneously certified by EASA и FAA.

This aircraft is made to impress! Its unrivalled qualities allow an unprecedented level of mobility. РС-24 can land at nearly 100% of world airports.

The aircraft can get closer to your final point of destination than any other business jet. You’ll be able to use smaller airports and avoid massive administrative procedures and reduce ground transfer time to an absolute minimum.

Pilatus PC-24 consists of unique number of “perks” that are not apparent at first glance: Honeywell's ultra-modern avionics, specifically designed for the PC-24, allows for one pilot operation (which reduces costs as the result), Quite Power Mode on the right engine (not installed on other jets) is a quiet, economic power source for the operation of heating systems or air conditioning of the cabin without the use of the APU. The passenger cabin from BMW Designworks is elegant and luxurious!

Pilatus Aircraft significantly improved the initial performance data by increasing PC-24 flight range, speed and MTOW. 

The РС-24 updated performance data:

Max cruise speed 815 kmph

Max flight range (4 pax) 3704 km

Max certified altitude 13 716 m

Take-off distance (over sea level) 893 m

Landing distance (over sea level) 724 m

Max take-off weight 8300 kg

Cabin width 1,69 m

Cabin height 1,55 m