1 апреля 2019

Authorised Pilatus service centre in Russia performed PC-12 NG maintenance in Italy

At the end of May the authorised Pilatus service centre based at the Dobrograd airport completed its first maintenance outside of Russia.

“Due to the long-term flight schedule of one of our Russian client’s PC-12 NG, a decision was made not to cut short the flight plan and not return the aircraft to its home base, but to carry out a planned maintenance with the arrival of specialists from the Russian service center to Italy. The works were completed in the shortest possible time. After the maintenance the aircraft was ready to continue its flight schedule,” Nesterov Aviation reported.

It’s worth mentioning that these works were carried out owing to the extensive experience of the engineering and technical personnel of the service center, as well as the high level of training.

“We constantly work in close contact with Pilatus Aircraft and improve our professional level of training. For instance, at the end of last year our engineers underwent a planned advanced training at the Pilatus factory training center certified by the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency,” said the representatives at the Pilatus service center in Dobrograd.