14 августа 2019

The most anticipated premiere in Russia!

This year Nesterov Aviation together with Pilatus Aircraft  present the brand new Super Versatile Jet – РС-24 at the MAKS air show. 

Due to a unique combination of its performance characteristics, the Swiss-made PC-24 now solely occupies a completely new aircraft category – Super Versatile Jet (SVJ). 

At the end of 2017 PC-24 simultaneously obtained the type certificates from EASA and FAA), thus becoming the first Swiss business jet ever.

РС-24 has been successfully operated in the U.S., Australia and most of Europe, however, Russian clients are still waiting for deliveries. This is why the presentation of the aircraft at MAKS is a rare opportunity not to be missed! 

After the air show РС-24 will perform a few demo-flights for clients and media representatives, departing to its native Stans soon after. 

"We've thought long and hard about the best way to present the Super Versatile Jet РС-24 to the Russian audience. Given that all the world premieres are taking place at international airshows, we've decided that MAKS-2019 will make the best platform. Pilatus Aircraft should definitely be proud of itself as not only did it create a completely new niche, it also combined the properties of several aircraft types in one. This aircraft is not "an expensive toy", rather a tool for business and non-trivial missions in civil aviation. РС-24 is truly a multifunctional aircraft, and we believe that it has great prospects in Russia", says Mikhail Alenkin, Managing partner at Nesterov Aviation.

Nesterov Aviation is an exclusive authorized Pilatus sales and service centre in Russia, and conducts all marketing, sales and maintenance support.