3 сентября 2019

РС-24 – a successful start in Russia!

This year at MAKS 2019 the Swiss-made Pilatus PC-24 was one of a few most anticipated premieres along with the Russian passenger carrier MC-21-300 and the brand-new fighter jet SU-57.

Even before it landed in Zhukovskiy a day before the air show officially opened, the PC-24 generated so much interest that the media was ready to take photos from every angle on the site. On August, 28th (the second day of the air show) a morning show on federal channel 1 opened with a news piece on PC-24 at MAKS. The PC-24 premiere in Russia became such a significant event that the aircraft got featured in major federal and aviation news outlets.

Due to such huge interest in the aircraft, Nesterov Aviation – an authorized Pilatus sales and service centre in Russia, didn’t have enough time during the three days to show it to everyone wishing to see the jet. There were constant video filming and meetings with clients on board. As the result of these talks it became obvious that this aircraft type is particularly interesting for oil and gas companies, because PC-24 has a number of unique characteristics, such as flight range and speed, payload and capability to use unpaved runways.

“We understand that the PC-24 attracts a lot of attention in Russia as this aircraft, being the super versatile cutting-edge platform, is able to comply with our clients’ most unorthodox demands. Our expectations were met at MAKS, we sat down with our clients who admitted that PC-24 doesn’t have any competition in terms of flight performance. Moreover, we are planning to obtain a Russian type certificate by the end of the year”, explains Eugene Okladnikov, Managing partner at Nesterov Aviation.

As with Pilatus РС-12 Nesterov Aviation will provide the full range of maintenance and after-sales services for Pilatus РС-24.

"We've thought long and hard about the best way to present the Super Versatile Jet РС-24 to the Russian audience. Given that all the world premieres are taking place at international airshows, we've decided that MAKS-2019 will make the best platform. Pilatus Aircraft should definitely be proud of itself as not only did it create a completely new niche, it also combined the properties of several aircraft types in one. This aircraft is not "an expensive toy", rather a tool for business and non-trivial missions in civil aviation. РС-24 is truly a multifunctional aircraft, and we believe that it has great prospects in Russia", says Mikhail Alenkin, owner at Nesterov Aviation.

Nesterov Aviation is an exclusive authorized Pilatus sales and service centre in Russia, and conducts all marketing, sales and maintenance support.