5 ноября 2019

PC-12 is saving lives as we speak


A patient from Kemerovo who was injured in a passenger bus accident was delivered to the regional hospital. The man received a severe head injury and was on mechanical ventilation.

He was taken to the intensive care unit of the Kemerovo emergency hospital right from the scene of the accident, and he was later transported to Krasnoyarsk. The medevac flight was carried out on a Pilatus PC-12 single-engine turboprop aircraft, which was recently purchased for the needs of air medical services.

Transporting seriously ill patients on Pilatus gives a big gain in time. For example, if a patient had to be transported by helicopter, the flight would take at least five hours round-trip, whereas it is under two hours by aircraft.  Pilatus has many more advantages - it only needs 400 m distance to accelerate, and it lands on gravel and grass if needed. 

Konstantin Baryshnikov, the head of air medical services, notes the excellent work of the Kemerovo disaster medicine – our medical team was expected at the Kemerovo international airport and brought to the hospital, where the patient was already ready for transportation. Everything was executed very swiftly.