20 октября 2020

PC-24 now certified in Russia

The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviation) simultaneously issued two very important certificates – a type certificate for the super versatile Pilatus РС-24 and an engine type certificate for Williams International FJ44-4A-QPM, installed on the aircraft.

“We have been waiting for this moment a long time, and it is equally joyful for Nesterov Aviation and Pilatus Aircraft. Now the PC-24 is certified in Russia. This is yet another reason for the Russian clients to become PC-24 owners. As an authorized sales and service Pilatus centre in Russia, Nesterov Aviation wants to thank the Russian aviation authorities, Rosaviation, in particular, for the well-coordinated work and support during all certification stages.” – shared by the Nesterov Aviation team.

The PC-24 deliveries to Russia are scheduled for 2021.