Land as close as possible to your point of destination

PC-12 outstanding characteristics make it possible to land on short and unpaved runways.
Max. flight

3417 km

Max. pax.



793 m

Max. cruise speed

528 kmph

Max. take-off

4740 kg

Max. certified altitude

9144 m


9,34 m3


1,35 х 1,32 m

More than 1700 aircraft in 57 countries

The most wanted aircraft in its class
Pilatus PC-12 NG makes it extremely easy to change the configuration of the cabin in a few minutes, whether it’s a business trip, medevac mission or cargo freight. The cabin has an impressive loading space that allows a variety of uses due to a continuous flat floor. Simply remove the aft seats and replace them with stretchers. As simple as that!
PC-12 NG embodies an ideal combination of characteristics: airtight cabin, certified to be flown by a single pilot, impressive flight range, low operating costs, fast speed and ability to operate from small airports.
Volume, m3
Length, m
Width, m
Height, m
Cabin width at floor, m
Passenger door height, m
Passenger door width, m
Cargo door height, m
Cargo door width, m
Internal baggage volume, m3
6+2 is the most popular configuration that provides a maximum comfort and allows to transport up to 8 passengers. The aft seats are easily removed if needed, giving additional space in a baggage compartment.
With VIP configuration of 6 seats each and every flight will provide the utmost comfort. Plenty of room for passengers and luggage.
РС-12 is used extensively for air ambulance purposes. This configuration allows enough space for two stretchers and the large cargo door will prove useful when loading injured passengers.
This configuration is ideal for cargo freights and makes it easy to transport up to 1300 kg of cargo! Versatility of the cabin is one of the signature features of PC-12.


Max cruise speed, kmph
Max range, km
3 417
Max operating altitude, km
9 144
Cabin altitude (FL 260), m
2 438
Take-off distance, m
Landing distance, m
Max rate of climb, m/min
Basic operating weight, kg
3 076
Max take-off weight, kg
4 740
Max landing weight, kg
4 500
Max payload, kg
1 024
Max payload with full fuel, kg
Stall speed (max take-off weight), kmph
A special airfoil geometry allows to use very short runways for take-off.
An impressive cargo door (1,35x1,32 m) provides room for bulky luggage.
Its landing gear is designed to operate from paved and unpaved runways.
A single-engine Pratt & Whitney (Canada) aircraft is 60% more cost-effective than a double-engine aircraft.
Spacious airtight cabin allows to fly at 9144 m and accommodates 9 passengers.
Five blade Hartzell composite propeller reduces cabin noise and vibration levels.

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