Max. flight

3426 km

Max. pax.



758 m

Max. cruise speed

537 kmph

Max. take-off

4740 kg

Max. certified altitude

9144 m


9,34 m3


1,35 х 1,32 m

More than 1800 aircraft in 57 countries

The most wanted aircraft in its class
The unique range of characteristics makes PC-12 NGX second to none: first in its class with installed FADEC with auto throttle and first with Dual Flight Management System (FMS). The aircraft can access over 21000 airports worldwide with paved and unpaved runways, including gravel and grass. The level of comfort inside the cabin exceeds all expectations. But it gets better – PC-12 NGX has the lowest operating costs in its class!
With the new PC-12 NGX, scheduled maintenance intervals have been extended to 600 flight hours. The time-between-overhaul period has also been increased from 4,000 to 5,000 hours, reducing the cost of operating the PC-12 NGX even further.
Volume, m3
Length, m
Width, m
Height, m
Cabin width at floor, m
Passenger door height, m
Passenger door width, m
Cargo door height, m
Cargo door width, m
Internal baggage volume, m3
With VIP configuration of 6 seats each and every flight will provide the utmost comfort. Plenty of room for passengers and luggage.
6+2 is the most popular configuration that provides a maximum comfort and allows to transport up to 8 passengers. The aft seats are easily removed if needed, giving additional space in a baggage compartment.
8 seats executive configuration allows to easily accommodate 8 passengers while leaving the baggage compartment space unchanged.
РС-12 is used extensively for air ambulance purposes. This configuration allows enough space for two stretchers and the large cargo door will prove useful when loading injured passengers.


Max cruise speed, kmph
Max range, km
3 269
Max operating altitude, km
9 144
Cabin altitude (FL 260), m
2 438
Take-off distance, m
Landing distance, m
Max rate of climb, m/min
Basic operating weight, kg
3 076
Max take-off weight, kg
4 740
Max landing weight, kg
4 500
Max payload, kg
1 024
Max payload with full fuel, kg
Stall speed (max take-off weight), kmph
Fuel system is now “PRIST” free as it is heats up before entering the engine.
Improved air conditioning system increases cabin air flow and cooling performance with quieter operation for ultimate passengers’ comfort.
PT6E-67XP with FADEC with auto throttle increased engine’s power by 10%, reducing take-off distance and increasing cruise speed.
New avionics features: Dual Flight Management System (FMS), Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System I/II (TCAS), emergency descent mode, smart touch screen controller and more.
Cabin interior is PC-24 inspired: ergonomic fine leather seats, larger windows, more head room.
The new propeller low speed mode results in a significant reduction in cabin noise for great passenger comfort.

Between August 2016 and January 2017, Jack Long completed the first polar circumnavigation of the earth in a standard aircraft. The PC-12 accomplished 38,273 nautical miles (70,882 kilometres), 144 flight hours, 28 countries, 5 continents all with 1 engine, and 0 squawks.

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